Dear Jack

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Dear Jack Attack,
Momma here (so glad you're not calling me "Mom" anymore). I can't believe what a wonderful, little dude you are turning into these days. Each and every day you amaze me to no end with your creativity, your brilliance and your amazing dance skills. You are the light of my life and I am the luckiest Momma in the world to have you as my son. My bundle of never-ending energy. 
You have the biggest heart and the biggest temper. Something we are still trying to figure out but doubt we ever will. We have never been able to figure you out because you are so unique. You grab life by the horns and try and control every moment. You have done this since you were a baby. You were one headstrong little baby and now you're one headstrong little boy. But you have Momma and Daddy as your parents, so we kind of knew that would happen ;-)
I hope I never forget the hilarious things you say and the wonderful songs you make up to be "just like Daddy" My favorite will always be the Spiderman song. "Spida-man, Spida-man, that what I does with Spida-man!" I love that you are 100% a Momma's boy. I am soaking that up since I know one day, you won't want to cuddle and hold hands or give me 45 morning kisses. You won't say "I love you more than anything" every day. That time will come where I won't see you every day...I can't picture that right now. That will be the hardest day of my life...sending you off to college...oh Gosh I have to stop before the tears flow. So right now, I am soaking everything up. Even the tantrums of epic proportions that could win you an Oscar for Best Dramatic Performance.
Even though you think you are already as tall as Papa, you have your cuddly, sweet "hold me like a baby" moments. We cradle you and you give us the sweetest smile and make your little baby coo noises. That has to be my favorite thing. Normally it is after bath time when you are in your getting-too-small for you robe.
I love how much you love the outdoors and the sunshine. Picnics are the best and long walks. I know this winter has been hard and you long for the beach. This Summer we will make the best of it. I promise.
I love your four freckles and your sweet button nose. I kiss it every day and have done so since you were born. I also love that you use that button nose as an escape to getting in trouble and say "I don't know who did that! It must have been that cute kid with the cute button nose!" Nice try, buddy. Nice try. 
I love that we found our own secret playground where you get to run like wild and have all of the slides to yourself. The smile you have on your face the whole time makes me feel like, even on the hard days, that I am one good Momma. You remind me that I am often, and I am very thankful for that.
You are also our little comedian. Proof below. You have us laughing so, so hard every day. SNL could use you.
You were so proud of that lego tower behind you. Gosh how cute are you?
Daddy, your precious Daddy. You try and show off every day for him with your creations and your wrestling moves. You try and hide affections and cuddles with him until the second he leaves and your heart explodes. But when you finally give in, and give Daddy those big long hugs that he smile, pat his back and melt into him like butter on toast. Those are the best moments of Daddy's life.
You are yelling for me to come get you right now, so I need to wrap this up. We love you, Jack. Everyone that meets you, everywhere you go, people are drawn to you. You are so social and lovable and hilarious. You are a celebrity in town already. Everyone knows Jack. You have made us the luckiest people in the world and we will forever be grateful for you. I love you to the moon and back and to infinity and beyond, skoobida! Love, Momma.

My Birthday

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

While we are snowed in during the worst winter ever (forget the Polar Vortex of last year), I started to look at pictures from this Summer and realized I never posted about my birthday or a few other fun events. It is all about the memories people, and my brain is about to turn into newborn mush in 7 weeks, so the time is now!

This post is about my birthday...hence the title. That morning, Jack and my Mother-in-Law Janie had made a cake for me to wake up to (after sleeping in :-) ) it was sooooooooooo cute and very much appreciated. Jack was loving it since he lives to make people smile.

As a couple, we don't get to go out together too often. I really wanted to spend the day with Jon since he was so busy traveling this summer so I barely saw the man. And I miss that man terribly when he's gone for even a half hour. So, we went to my favorite little shop called Brookdale Farms in Hollis, NH before going out to dinner with my Mom and Greg. The weather was perfect. It was sunny, warm and had a slight breeze that would cool you off the moment you needed it.

Brookdale Farm in the summer is stunning. Nothing but flowers for The colors are vibrant and the scents all seem to work together. It's like walking by your favorite Yankee Candle. One day, I want a garden with mostly purple and white flowers. Those are the plants I'm drawn to the most. Like (in order of favorites) Lilacs, white Hydrangeas, Lavender and white Roses.

 They always style the outdoors as well as the indoor shop and I love the effort they put into it and the decor they choose. How cute are those metal tins? That kelly green chair? You had me at hello. Which I said out loud since chairs don't talk.

 We arrived pretty early since we wanted to look at a fixer upper in the Hollis area (we have been thinking about flipping homes and wanted to take a gander). The home turned out to be an abandoned hot mess in a terrible area, and we figured it would be a bad idea for that to be our first ride in the fixer rodeo, so we went straight to Brookdale Farms. With plenty of time on our hands before dinner, Jon looked for a sandwich shop near by.

I love the hanging flower baskets from the tree.

 Of course you have to have Annabelle's Ice Cream when you're here. I remember getting ice cream here almost every time we came when we were kids. I always get the bubble gum ice cream. DELICIOUS!
 This field is filled with pumpkins in the fall. It is a wonderful place to come with kids and pick apples and get your pumpkins. We went with Jack and Nathan way back when.
  I stayed behind and just wanted to relax and feel the sun on my already slightly burnt shoulders, so Jon went ahead and came back with a yummy Turkey club sub (my favorite) that was 45ft long for me and a Buffalo Chicken Calzone (his favorite) for him.
 It was wonderful sitting under the tree and just enjoying each other. We always discuss dreams and goals and support each other to no end. One of my favorite things is just being with him. We don't even need to speak to each other the whole time.

 We walked around to the farm animals since Jon has a weird connection with them. Remember his girlfriend from the Zoo? 

 Serenading Babe. I name all pigs "Babe"

After Jon sweet talked his animals, we went inside to get some candy and browse the shop. They have fun trinkets and one-of-a-kind decor in there,

 Must hit up the candy section! Boy, oh boy was he loving it inside. 
 I love how they display their fresh produce. I wanted to buy it all.

 The only picture of us...who needs eyes these days? Overrated. 
Once we left, we went to a favorite spot of mine called The Pasta Loft in Milford, NH. It was a blast! Little secret...I didn't drink because I was positive I was pregnant (which I was), so I had Root beer. Mmmmm. 
Jon enjoyed the fruity Margarita which may or may not have come with a face.

Here is my prettyful Momma. Love her!
 The boys...discussing "boy" things. Nasty fools.
Sorry babe ;-) ....not sorry.
 Little lovebirds.
 Towards the end of the night, a woman from the table in front of us came over and sang me some CRAZY birthday song in an opera voice. It was wildly uncomfortable at first, then Greg hopped over and did another jig for them. It was pretty hilarious!

 My birthday was so much fun! Then, a few days later, I got some of the best news of my life when I found out I was right all along with the baby vibes. Marin had occupied my uterus and it was the best feeling. Only 7 more weeks until we meet!

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