Looks I Love: J.Crew Summer Style

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Summer is in full-swing and outfits are easier to put-together in my opinion. Here are my favorites from J.Crew:

 And for a postpartum Momma, one piece suits are my best friend. Pregnancy can leave some with stretch marks and just not feeling 100% confident in a bikini (I am one of them), they offer amazing one pieces to help bring that confidence back that you may be lacking. 

Dairy Day

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

A few weeks back, Jack, Marin and their overtired Momma (who could that be?) went off exploring at Drumlin Farm for Dairy Day! A day dedicated to dairy. Naturally I got the times wrong and we went way to early to participate in milking the cows AND the hayride stopped right when we got there...but we still had fun! It was hot so we totally had two ice cream breaks.
Jack knows of my fear of spiders so he told me I was safe since the spider was glued to the tree. (wipes sweat from brow)
In true Marin fashion, she slept the entire time. She also slept the way back to Jack's soccer game AND an hour after that...and I am aware of car seat guidelines. I loosen the straps so she doesn't sweat so bad when she is in the stroller.

It was such a nice day. The breeze hit you when you needed it and there were plenty of shady places to take a snack break in.

We named this cutie "Lamb Flash"
Milking the fake cow since we were two hours early for milking the real ones...#momfail
While taking a snack break, Jack started a game of "throw my hat in the air and then cover it in dirt"...the rules are simple.
Little piglets...funny story, my first screen name and email was "lilpiglet123". You can tell I was voted most popular at school....COUGH COUGH

And drinking the melted ice cream just like his Momma. Teach em young.
I told Jack to jump like Batman when we were leaving and I got this awesome shot. Love this kid. Love him like a pig loves mud.

It was a fun way to kick off summer but I will not be wearing pants again. Don't worry, I will wear shorts ;-)

Who looks like Who?

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Everyone on planet earth thinks that Jack is a mini me. This is pretty darn true. We look strikingly similar with a few differences (ok just the ears). When Marin was born, I thought she was going to be another mini me since she looked so similar to Jack as a baby. Granted she is only 2 months old, but we already see that she has more of Jon's features than mine. She definitely has my ears and eyes, but other than that, she is a mini Daddy :-)

So in conclusion...
Jack = Mel
Marin = A mix but mostly Jon

Product Review: Grey + Gingham

As a Mom of two, I know certain stages of babyhood come with a certain amount of spit up and drool. OH THE DROOL. I honestly feel like babies spit up and drool all over once you put a cute outfit on them. It is a form of payback for putting them in embarrassing outfits. So rather than putting the average Bib on that says "My aunt Rocks"...how about putting something stylish and cute on? Something that can coordinate with their oh-so-cute outfit? Ladies and Gents, I introduce Grey + Gingham. Grey + Gingham was created by Leah, who took her creativity and love for all-things-baby and transformed it into this awesome business. 

Marin has started to drool a bunch, so we have already put these to the test. Not only do they hold up, but they tuck under her chubby cheeks and don't bother her at all! 

And she looks pretty cute :-)

Time for a Change

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

It is summer time here in good ol' New England. My absolute favorite time of the year. Think beaches, Barbeques and trips to the lake. It is also time for humidity. Having long hair while it is hot and humid is something I just don't want to deal with anymore. Right now my hair is about 3 inches from my lower back and one length. It is incredibly annoying and heavy. Not only that, I think super long hair tends to look a bit boring on some people. I am definitely one of them! So with that said (er, typed), I am getting a hair cut! Want to help me pick? I am thinking a nice, layered medium cut. I still want some length and to be able to put it in a pony tail if necessary, so here is what I'm thinking! Just a shorter, classier look.What are your thoughts?

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