Induction Day

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Here it is. Today is the day we get to meet our beautiful baby girl. It is so surreal. And definitely a cool feeling knowing what day her birthday would be for a few days. I had always wished to go "natural" and have my water break in some crazy way and the whole shebang. But, I am at peace with being induced. It helps that it is for health reasons and not just "because you reached 40 weeks"
I feel so blessed to be able to carry a child safely to full-term. Marin gave me a run for my money that is for sure...but I would do it 10,000 more times in a heartbeat. Any Mother would. Our babies are worth every tear shed, pain endured and emotional breakdown over the store not having Cinnamon Toast Crunch (or is that just me). I feel so lucky being able to feel her kicks, somersaults, planned attacks on my organs and practicing her jumping jacks on my bladder. I always joke that she is just preparing for life outside the womb with her brother, Jack. Boy, oh BOY Marin you are in for it. But in the best way possible. Knowing that Jack is your big brother puts our minds at peace. I am sure he will annoy you and wrestle you and do all of his normal brotherly duties...but I know he will protect you no matter what.

To be honest, I think today will be even more emotional than I expect, since I never thought this day would come again. We were never really on board about having another child until last Winter. I always felt a piece of my heart missing and longing for another child. I would always joke around and say that Jack was IT. But, truly, I wanted another. When we found out about Marin, I shed so many happy tears that I felt like I could have filled a bottomless abyss ten times.

So send a few prayers or happy thoughts our way. We are hoping for a smooth delivery and healthy baby and Mommy. We can't wait for you baby girl. See you in a few hours.

Love always,
Daddy, Mommy and Jack

38 Weeks

Friday, April 10, 2015

So the 38th week of my pregnancy was not as fun as the others. One night (truly around 1am) I started to get this HUGE pounding headache and my vision started to go blurry. For a few days, I had a slight headache and figured my shingles nerve damage spread to my eye. Little did I know, it was not shingles but signs of preeclampsia. I knew something was wrong when I couldn't even look at my phone and type. Thankfully, Jon came upstairs and I told him we needed to go in to the ER after speaking with the on-call Doctor. Especially since I was seeing four of him. One Jon is enough :-) 

We got there and they started asking a bunch of questions and checked my blood pressure a few times, had me do blood work, an EKG (my chest was also hurting and it shot a tingling sensation into my left arm) and a urine test (yummy). The blood work, EKG and blood pressure all came back normal. But the urine test did have protein in it. They almost had me stay at the hospital for 24-hours to do a 24-hour urine test, but I asked if I could do it at home and they agreed as long as I stay put in bed and come in if anything else happened again. I agreed! 

In a weird way, it was nice that it happened so we could see where we would be delivering Marin and how the staff was, etc. Where we delivered Jack, we were treated like royalty, so we were hoping for another great stay. 

Jon LOVED the sleeping cot a little too much. So much that I had to wait...and wait...and wait...for him to wake up so we could leave. But he rarely sleeps like a sweet Angel, so I was totally fine watching Channel 5 news for 5 hours....

 Dude, I would rather get punched in the face than get an IV. I have a fear of needles and this was SO uncomfortable. She had to wrap it so tight around my skinny little wrists because it kept "leaking" blood haha. It friggin hurt when they took it off.
 So now I am on "take it super easy" rest. I honest to goodness cannot be contained in a bed. I would if I HAD to, but it is so boring and I just want to play and cuddle with Mr. Jack. So instead, I am doing weekly Non-stress Tests and ultrasounds to make sure Marin is 100% fine. They keep saying she is "perfect" and doesn't seem to be struggling at all. If she was or if I were, then they would induce me immediately. Thankfully we are both doing fine, so we are keeping her in until my official due date, then will be induced! My Doctor doesn't want me to go past my due date since complications can arise then. But so far, so good.
 38 weeks bathroom selfie 
 And here is the lovely Princess at 38 weeks. Marin's ultrasounds resemble Jack's. Same profile! I hope this doesn't sound mean, but ultrasounds pics of their full face is TERRIFYING. So we prefer the profile shots :-)

So Tuesday April 14th is the big induction day. To say we are excited is an understatement. I was induced (also due to placenta issues) with Jack, so I know how it goes! Unless she decides to make her entrance into the world sooner that is :-) 

Old Wives Tales, with Tina Fey

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Since I am in my last week of my pregnancy and I feel like a bloated Beluga Whale, I thought it would be fun to do a little comparison of those famous "old wives tales" we all know. Enough chit chat (Melissa you are typing and not discussing anything), let us get down to bidness.

Old Wives Tale #1: If you get morning sickness, the baby is a girl: LORD HAVE MERCY IS THAT TRUE FOR ME. Not one ounce of sickness with Jack. With Marin, my best friend was a toilet for almost 30 weeks. The day it ended was a happy day indeed. 
Old Wives Tale #2: It will be a girl if you crave sweets and a boy if you crave salty food. True for me! I have craved sugary cereals, ice cream, juice, fruit and Sour Patch Kids like you wouldn't believe. In fact, when I was able to stomach a whole bowl of Fruity Pebbles, I may have shown off my dance skills to Mr. Jon-O-thang (that is his hip hop name...mine is M Money.) When I was wild-with-child with Jack, all I wanted was anything salty and had pasta like errrry 4 minutes.
Old Wives Tale #3: If you're hormonal, it will be a girl. If you can get through a Kodak commercial without crying for 4 hours, it will be a boy. True for me! Don't even get me STARTED on the hormones. Thankfully I have only had one or two moody outbreaks. Most of the time I cry and cry at the littlest things. Heck, I cried like a wee child when Jack gave me a packet of grape jelly because "I'm the sweetest Mama ever"
Old Wives Tale #4: If you break out, it will be a girl. True. So true. I normally have awesome skin, but the first trimester, I looked like a slice of pepperoni pizza. Especially on my forehead and back (YUMMY) I wanted to wear a disguise and go by the name Heraldo it was that bad. Thank God for bangs.
Old Wives Tale #5: Soft skin if the baby is a girl, dry if it will be a boy. True for me! Don't karate chop me in the face, but I haven't had to use cocoa butter on my belly at all. With Jack, I lathered that lotion on three times a day so my skin wouldn't rip off. With Marin, I only use it to prevent stretch marks. No dry skin here! Boo ya!
So did the yee Old Wives tales ring true for you? This was only a handful (I want to take a nap) but for the most part, mine have been very accurate!

What's in Marin's Hospital bag?

Monday, March 30, 2015

Hey everyone! I have been slow to post with a certain deadline approaching could have to do with Ben & Jerry's free ice cream cone day or the fact that I am due in two weeks. You decide...both are viable options.

Miss Marin will be arriving soon (maybe really soon, details later this week!) so I decided to pack her bag the other day so we are fully prepared for our sweet girl. Initially, I wasn't going to pack her anything except a going home outfit (hospitals provide so much), but I do want to take pictures of her in the hospital and test out all of our adorable hats (oh yeah...I am THAT Mom) that wonderful companies have given us. I doubt I will get to them all while we are in the hospital, but I would love to try!

Here are her cute little hats from two great companies! I will do full posts once Marin is here and can model them for me :-) Also shown are simple Newborn onesies, adorable pants and socks from Target. No need for dresses juuuuust yet :-) (forgive the iPhone photos!)
 I also added two receiving blankets and a gray and white Newborn gown (easier for diaper changes). Jon is the #1 baby swaddler and is excited to do it again. He is a nut. Jack always broke free of mine in seconds.
 Random things included: my toiletries! I didn't have a lot of room in my bag from my camera, clothes and our Viacord kit, so since Marin's bag has tons of compartments, I put my toiletries in there. I went to Target the other day with Jack and grabbed all of these (except for the facial creams) for about $6. Perfect and I can just toss them when I am done and we leave.
 Also included is a folder for all of the paperwork/immunization info/certificates/etc and Jack's lovie gift for Marin.
 All of that and a crazy cute hate and blanket that my awesome Auntie made, all fit into this diaper bag (the Skip Hop Duo in French Stripe is from Target and is even more beautiful in person).

I need to put some finishing touches on my bag and Jon will probably just hurry and toss in an outfit or two. I will share what we will bring when we are all packed! Hopefully it helps new Moms and Dads since we are second timers and obviously boiling water.

37 Weeks

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Holy guacamole. We will have a baby in just a few short weeks (possibly way sooner)! Crazy Town, USA up in here. I forget the newborn stage since it has been over 4 years since we have had one... so I am a bit nervous at the transition, especially with the Worlds most active pre-schooler. But we are both so thankful we have a lot of people to help us out should we ever need a moment to escape.

So how am I feeling? Well, after the good ol' shingles virus, I feel a lot better. The nerve damage blows, especially when she is right on my ribs. But it gets better day by day.

On Monday, we had our 37-week check up and found out that little miss Marin is breech and "very, very high up" HENCE THE HEARTBURN. So we go back Monday to see her position and if she is still breech, then we will choose a date to be induced. Unfortunately, that would mean a C-Section. Anyone who has had one, please send advice! Especially on recovery with a toddler who is attached at my hip at all times. I wasn't nervous before my entire pregnancy, but now I am starting to feel those nerves come up a bit. Surgery just scares me.

I have total insomnia and pregnancy exhaustion has decided to rear its ugly head during the day. I am thankful Jack is in pre-k a few days a week so I can nap. But that has meant less work. Sometimes you just need to put the work aside and jump into Snoozeville or else you are pointless to your kiddo.

Speaking of our current kiddo. Mr. Jack is going to be such a good big brother. I still put him to bed every night since it is so special to us to have uninterrupted quiet time together. We read books (as many as he wants, the other night it was 15!) and discuss the day and what we loved about it and what we should try and work on. Well, when he is about to fall asleep, he lays on my belly and likes to keep Marin "warm and safe" and will pass right out. I love that little guy.
So here are the updates:

Weight gain/Work outs: around 17lbs but no working out here. Too sleepy. I just plan on doing lots of walking once she arrives. A sweet friend gave us their double stroller that goes along with our carseat, so we can take lots of walks as a family a few times a day.

Cravings: cheeseburgers, fries and chocolate shakes, ice cold water/juice of any kind. I am always so thirsty and need to quench my thirst constantly. Now I must tell you this...we all have brag moments from time-to-time about our husbands/wives/etc...the other night, I told Jon I was craving the cheeseburger/fries/shake combo and he surprised me with them at 1am. He was soon sweet and walked upstairs with the biggest grin on his face. Even though to some people it may seem small, to me it was huge and I appreciated it so much.

Symptoms: lots of contractions (real and BH) heartburn, can't breathe as easily anymore, lots of bathroom trips 45 times a night and just feeling pretty uncomfortable over all. I don't fit into a THING. So sadly, I am just straight up in PJ's. Poor Jon.

Come on baby girl! 

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