Fall Table Setting Inspiration

Friday, September 19, 2014

Late post tonight! Today Mr. Jack had a little stomach bug and I am still getting over a cold. Fun times at the Ricci household. But we were so bored and cooped up, we decided to head to the mall and infect other people with our illness. Sorry.

Jack was hanging out in the stroller, so I took my time walking through Williams-Sonoma and Crate and Barrel for some fall decor inspiration. They had amazing table settings that I thought I should show you! I love all of them.

First up, Crate and Barrel!
The pumpkin bowls would be perfect for serving soup or a stew for a main course. I love the lids to help keep it warm!
Not sure why I took the photo at this angle...but I loved the garland of leaves on the table. I thought that was a really nice way to add some fall colors.
The bowls were SO cute. Little gray Quails or something. All of the colors mix well together. Personally, I'd never think to add gray to orange, yellow and tan!
I loved this one for a brunch. I also thought it was cool that they angled the place mats. My OCD was going crazy, but eventually I got used to it and really like it. If they weren't angled, I think it would be too "vanilla"
Again...not sure of the angle...but loved the mix of patterns.
Back to the pumpkin bowls, I thought the menu cards were so cute! A very easy DIY with card stock and a fine-tip marker.

Now onto Williams-Sonoma aka Heaven. More pumpkin bowls!

This one was my absolute favorite. I want everything off of this table. Better start scratching those lotto tickets! I really loved the olive set but the way they paired them with the artichoke plates really worked. I thought they were all one set! The glasses, candles and olive plants add a great touch.
The colors of the napkin definitely help break up the color palette of greens and tans.
And last up, you could have a fun Halloween party with these skull punch bowls! They terrified Jack, but I loved them. The plates are too Pirates of the Caribbean for me.

So do you also walk around stores just to get inspiration while infecting people with colds? Sorry again ;-) Have a great weekend!

Generosity kills the Pregnant Lady

Thursday, September 18, 2014

The title will make sense in 30 seconds because I almost died from being so shocked. My Birthday was back in July and I swear, all I wanted was a Kitchen Aid Mixer. Actually, I have wanted one for years but always felt so uncomfortable asking friends or family to get it for me for Christmas/Birthdays or whatever. It is a pricey little contraption. SO, before my birthday, I posted a cheeky Facebook status SLYLY suggesting the Mixer was HALF off at Target. I really posted it as a joke, little did I know, the most generous friend of all time, Kristen, purchased it for me. CAN I GET AN AMEN? Honestly, I cried when I saw the box. CRIED. I didn't believe it. I called her in tears. I was one happy, emotional little lady. She was laughing at me and thought nothing of it. Kristen is also the one who bought me this beautiful Holiday bowl and Jon, one awesome bottle of scotch. She is just the best.
I think I will display it where I normally keep our cookbook. Sorry cookbook, your time is up. 
Why have I wanted one for so long? I am not the best cook or baker. This gadget comes with all of the bells and whistles. You can bake, make pasta, use it as a juicer and squeeze gold out of it. Ok, maybe not Gold, but I swear this is thing is worth a million pounds of gold. Is gold measured in pounds? I swear I'm not blonde (sorry blondes).
 I totally dedicated an entire Pinterest board for Kitchen Aid Gadgets and will pin how to bake stuff because I have no CLUE and totally use cake box recipes. The one time I tried to make cake by scratch, the cake turned out to be the texture of foam.

But I am really excited to make pasta as well. My Italian husband will obviously love that! Hopefully this blog post will help from Julie Blanner
 So, fellow Kitchen Aid owners, what is your favorite way to use your mixer? Any recipes to share? Lord knows I need the help!

10 Weeks

Monday, September 15, 2014

I promise this blog won't turn into a pregnancy blog, but I did want to do a "bump" update like I said the other day! I am currently 10 weeks with a NEW due date of April 14th, rather than April 10th. I already have a bump, but my Doctor said it is "second baby syndrome" and some women show sooner. I was at my Mom's last night and she said she showed early after her first pregnancy as well. 

 Jack is so excited and loves to run up to my belly and kiss and hug the baby. I always ask what the baby is saying in there and he comes up with the funniest stuff like "baby said it needs a towel because the baby is getting all wet!" Such a sweetie.
I recently started taking nausea medicine that the Dr prescribed so I can start eating. Now that I have started it, all I want to do is EAT EAT EAT. I have a feeling I may be gaining some weight soon. But I lost 7lbs from constantly being sick, so I am quite happy I have the meds!

The other day I caved and bought a "Be Maternity BeBand" which is essentially a giant, tight fabric that holds your pants up and hides the zipper and button. Now I won't have to wear leggings for 9 months or cry and say I have nothing to wear :-) I'm dramatic, it's the hormones I swear!

So there is my bump update. I think I will do one every 5 weeks or so. I may just post 10, 20, 30 and 40 weeks though. I don't want to be annoying ;-)

Pregnancy Facts

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Wow! Thanks for the support yesterday! It means a lot to us. I received quite a few emails with questions that I will answer below!
Dear Men, this post is not for you unless you want to learn about my uterus.
taken August 4th
WAS IT EASY TO CONCEIVE?: Kind of. It took a little over 4 months which is obviously a short amount of time and we are very lucky (so don't be all annoying), but understanding my cycle was difficult. I have always had very irregular, long cycles. I was having a hard time pin-pointing when I was ovulating because my symptoms never changed. I never had cramping or breast changes a week  or two before my period, I always had it the day my period came. So I was using ovulation kits, calendars, tracking CM, you know, the fun stuff. In July, I was ovulating any time from the 19th-24th (I thought anyways), so we just went with it and hoped this month would be the month it happened.

WHY DID YOU CHANGE YOUR MIND?: I have always been interested in having at least one more child. I had the baby fever urge come and go, but Jon was pretty dead set on not having another.  To be honest, I totally thought I was pregnant back in the winter. We found out I wasn't, and we were upset about it. After that, we made the decision to try again, since there was obviously a piece of our heart missing.

HOW DID YOU FIND OUT? FIRST SIGNS?: About a week after my speculated ovulation day (July 24th), my veins turned into a road map. Not even a road map. THE MAP OF THE NILE RIVER TURNED BLUE AND WAS ALL OVER MY BODY. Indiana Jones could just lay me down and use me to find the treasure. Normally I am a very veiny person, but not like this. It was all over my chest and into my yabos, on my rib cage, belly, hips, shoulders, etc. Not in normal places like usual. Jon thought I was crazy, but I know my body and knew I looked different. I also noticed my chest was very heavy and sensitive. Not painful per say, but definitely sensitive, which it never is.

So I immediately knew something was up. I didn't want to be a "symptom spotter" but this was different. I took a test using the First Response PT, but it was negative. But it was also 6 days before I thought my period was due, so I wasn't upset. We went away for the weekend for my birthday and the whole time I was tired and hungry. Like, mangry kind of hungry. I ate and slept so much.
Then, the day after we got home (August 4th) I could smell Jack's play doh from two rooms away. I was nauseous and had a slight headache. I knew this wasn't normal for me, so I decided to take the test again. INSTANT POSITIVE. Like BAM!
I did a little Irish jig in the bathroom and was trying to decide how to tell Jon about the baby since he wasn't home at the time. I wanted it to be cute and special, so I decided to put the test in a box and wrote: "I'll see you in April, Daddy. Love, Baby." I gave it to him the next morning and at first he was confused, but then he got it and was soooo happy.

DUE DATE: April 10th

SYMPTOMS: Extreme all day sickness, fatigue, breaking out on my chest, forehead and back (I normally have very clear skin) no appetite, sore boobs and a bit moody at times (sorry Jon...love you!)

CRAVINGS: This is the weird thing...I'll crave something, then never, ever want to look at it again after I have it. Like milkshakes, white peaches, grape juice, toast with sunny-side eggs and spaghetti with meat sauce. The thought of those things now make me feel sick. So I'm hoping this ends after the 1st trimester.

BOY or GIRL?: I think it is a girl because my symptoms are so different from Jack's near perfect pregnancy. Jon thinks it's a boy because "I only make boys" well, you only have one child (lets hope) so you don't know that yet! I'd love a girl but I would also love a little brother for Jack. We will definitely find out at my 20 week ultra sound and hopefully announce on Thanksgiving to the family.

NAMES: Boy - Benjamin James. We both love the name Benjamin and Jack Benny (my favorite comedian) is actually named Benjamin. Jack was his stage name, so it has a little extra meaning to me. James is after my die-hard love for Jimmy Stewart.

Girl - Marin Elizabeth. Marin (Mare-in) means "the sea" in latin and you all know of my love for the sea. We first heard the name on Something's Gotta Give and fell in love with it. It isn't a common name either which we love. Ultimately I would have loved Ava after Ava Gardner, but I know 3 adult Ava's and 56 little girls named Ava, so unfortunately, it was a no. Elizabeth is a name we also love, not after anyone in particular. We just love the flow.

NURSERY: Well, depending on where we are (there's a chance we are moving to Nashville for Jon's music career...more on that later), the baby will sleep in our room (in a crib, definitely not co-sleeping again because now Jack refuses to sleep alone haha) then Jack and the baby will share Jack's room. We also plan on renovating our basement and have it be a giant family/play room so they would have more room to run around. If we move, then I have no idea ;-)

DOES JACK GET IT?: OH yeah! And he is so excited! He keeps asking if it's April yet and loves to kiss my belly and ask what the baby is saying in there. We are glad we did wait so long to have another because Jack has always been a handful (in a good way). Now is the perfect time.

HOW WILL YOU DOCUMENT IT?: Probably take a belly shot every 5 weeks or so...ooops..should get on that.

HOW ARE YOU PREPARING:Well, to be honest, we are very laid back about this baby. As long as we have a crib, car seat and some clothes, we are good to go. We have more than that (swing, baby bjorn, Boppy) but we will get more once we feel the need. WHY? Because Jack MAYBE used half the stuff we got for him ONCE. It was a waste of money and space. So if we feel the baby needs something else, then we will get it then. When the baby starts to eat solid foods, THEN we will get a highchair. No need to get everything at once. For clothes, we will definitely need all new stuff. Jack was born as a preemie in December, so his clothes will be too small and out of season if it is a boy. If its a girl, we obviously need clothes. But, I love to score sales and other Mom's are very generous with hand-me-downs (like I have always been as well) so, like I said we are not worried at all. I gave pretty much everything I had for Jack away to friends and family in need which I do not regret at all. I wasn't using it, so if someone needed it, it was theirs.

WILL YOU HIRE HELP?: Nope. Jack will be in school full time (9-2 or 3pm, which is plenty of help) and I'm not working at the moment so no need!

MATERNITY CLOTHES?: Hell yes. I already have a bump and fit into NOTHING. I was able to do the hair tie trick with Jack but not this time. I don't get it. But Jon bought me some stuff that I love so we are hoping I won't need much more.

NERVOUS ABOUT LABOR AGAIN?: Not at all. Listen ladies. Labor hurts. It hurts like hell. Natural, epidural, c-section, at home, whatever the case is. You are going to be in pain when you push a watermelon out of your yoo-hoo or have a watermelon pulled out of your belly. So, since I know what happens during labor, I'm not nervous. And hell YES I am getting the epidural. Call me a wimp but there is no need to be miserable for 10+ hours. I'd rather chill and get some rest then scream, cry and want to kill my husband.

Here's how we found out about our lovely Jack. For Jack's birth story, click here. For my pre-pinterest pregnancy pictures/symptoms, click here.

Guess what?

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Chicken butt. Just joking, that's my immaturity coming out to bug you.

No, but really, guess what?
YESSIR! I am pregnant with our second child! And this is totally the reason I have been so absent.

I know I have mentioned on here a few times that we planned to just have Jack. But, back in the winter aka snowmageddon 2014, we made the decision to add one or two...or three more into our family. Crazy how some time changes your mind, huh? We are so excited and cannot wait for our little baby to join our crazy family. I am 10 weeks along (my sister spilled the beans a week ago on accident haha) and definitely having some trouble with my symptoms. I am having terrible, terrible "all day" sickness. It is hard to drive, cook food, eat, drink, sleep, breathe, etc., because I feel constantly sea sick. But hey, it is all for a good cause, am I right?

I'm due in early April so it will be a Spring time baby which I am excited for. Both Jon and Jack have December birthdays, so I was hoping for a spring/summer baby. April is perfect :-)

So I hope you join me on this new adventure in our life. We are very blessed and can't wait to see what the future holds and are very excited for Jack to be a big brother.

And if you have any questions, feel free to email me!

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