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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Yup! Sweet Marin will be joining our family in April. We are so, so excited and a bit shocked! I guess all of those morning sickness tales were true for me. 

Hearing our awesome ultrasound tech, Cara say "you sure you want to know? You're having a girl!" still replays in my head over and over. I totally yelled "A GIRL!?" at Jon and he looked so surprised and just laughed. Not going to lie, we were both thinking boy since we just couldn't picture ourselves with a little girl! But we are so thrilled. So, so thrilled! I was crying just looking at her. Marin is so beautiful already. Just look at that cute face! We can't wait to meet her. Marin was rowdy (our kids ROWDY?? NO!) during the whole ultrasound and was giving Cara a good laugh. At one point we were viewing the top of Marin's head (birds eye view) and all of a sudden, you'd see her arms flail about and then disappear. She has us cracking up already. 

The day almost didn't go as planned...on our way to get lunch before our ultrasound, one of the receptionists called and said the power had gone out on the whole street and we would have to reschedule. YEAH SURE, TELL THE PREGNANT LADY THAT. I was immediately sad and disappointed and asked if there was anything they could do because my husband flew in JUST for the appointment. They felt terrible, called other offices and still, no luck. So we figured what the heck, lets still get lunch since this IS our anniversary too. Half way through, they called back and said the power went back on! HALLELUJAH I WON'T HAVE TO HURT NSTAR! So we hurried on over and heard the news :-)

We are so happy. Jack can't wait and Marin is already trying to jump out of my belly.

We love you, sweet girl.

Our Special Day

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

I call the 20th of November our "special day" simply because it was the day we first met in 2008 and the day we got married in 2012. I am essentially a man when it comes to remembering dates, so I figured we should keep our anniversary on the same day. Tomorrow marks 6 years since we have been together. It is also the day we find out the gender of our new little one, arriving in April. Just another wonderful occasion to celebrate on our day.

I just realized that I never shared our wedding details. We got married in our house. While it was just studs and dry wall. In November. I kid you not. We had no intention of having a big wedding. Not because we couldn't afford it, it was because we didn't care. The stress, the planning, the guest lists, the was just so overwhelming. I was over it two days after I started planning a wedding. And honestly, I would rather have our house be filled with everything we want rather than dishing 10k out for one day. It just wasn't important to us. Our wedding was super easy, cost very little and was one of the best days of our lives.

Here are some pics from our "big day"

This picture perfectly portrays us

How cute is Jack here!? They do grow up so fast :-(

I can't wait to share the big news with you! And happy Anniversary, Jon. I love you ten times more than I did that day and am forever grateful for the life you have provided us with. I love you, I love, I love you.

1st Trimester Must Haves

Thursday, November 13, 2014

This may sound crazy, but this is the first time I feel like I have experienced a first trimester. When I was pregnant with Jack, we didn't find out until I was WELL into my second trimester. I had zero signs of him until 20 weeks. So, going through a rough first trimester this time, may have been a bit of karma coming back to bite me in my ever expanding ass. There are a few things that helped me get through the rough patches and I consider them must haves!
Body Pillow: Holy Guacamole. I need this bad boy every day. I am strongly considering investing in one of those pregnancy pillows that look like terds (come on, they do). I hear they are even better than a normal body pillow since it fits to your body better. But, for now, my trusted body pillow works. I would be a grumpy troll without my sleep, so this is 100% a must have.

Ovia Pregnancy App: This app is glorious and I used the Ovia Fertility app as we were trying to conceive. I have found them both to be very informative and I update it everyday with my current symptoms, activity, what I've been eating, milestones, etc. It is a great way to track your pregnancy and offers great advice as well.

Le Toilet: Vomit. Lots of it. That is all.

Palmer's Cocoa Butter: I think this is a big one for most pregnant women out there. It relieves the itchy skin from your expanding belly and helps prevent deep stretch marks. I have small white marks for now, but my Doctor said they fade quickly after birth and to keep applying the lotion.

Maternity Belly BeBand: Or whatever its called. I couldn't button any pants from week 10 and on. The hair-tye trick didn't work at all for me this time around and I also didn't like that it showed the hair-tye and loose buttons, so this band has worked WONDERS. I can still wear my pants and not worry about the buttons showing awkwardly through my shirts or my pants falling down. It secures them and hides it.

Nature Made Prenatals: I used these with Jack and they are my favorite prenatal. I tried a gummy version but it quickly became hard to eat and it mostly stuck to my teeth.

What were your must haves to get you through the rough 1st trimester? Anyone else say semester instead of trimester all the time? No? Well, I'm the idiot that does.

Tablescapes: Runner Edition

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Table cloths. Runners. Napkins. Placemats. Napkin Rings. Matching plates. Glasses. 

I am one of those chicks that could drop 1k on a tablescape. I have an entire board on Pinterest dedicated to my obsession. If there was a local job for being a professional "tablescaper", I'd be on that like white on rice. White rice, not brown. It is my favorite thing about Holidays. Having a well-set table makes me a giddy little child. I just love when people put time and effort into it. They don't need to go overboard at all, but it just gives a little extra oomph that I love.
Today, I am posting about my love of runners and the style I love for the Holiday season.

For our first Holiday party last year, I set the table the night before, with only a few things I had lying around the house (and even used plastic cups) but it was something that the ladies loved (men could care less) and it made me happy that they noticed. My plates were a last minute buy from the Dollar Tree (don't judge, they are durable and last!), but other than that, I used what we had.
I have only done a few so far, but as we continue to host events, parties, holidays, etc., I hope to do more and more. Here are a few others I have done in the past:
As you can see, I have gone a simple route with my tables, mostly because I need to build up my supply of runners, plates, glassware, decor, etc. I was with my Auntie yesterday, and she has the same love of tablecloths and runners that I have. We are going to plan a trip to Country Mischief soon while the little man is in school so I get my runner on! Country Mischief is the Primitive Decor shop that I posted about last winter. AMAZING place and literally our Heaven for all of us. 
Another place that I adore for tablecloths/runners would be Williams-Sonoma. 
The "Tartan" Holiday Runners they have (WITH matching place mats, napkins, coasters, etc) makes me squeal. I just need to wait until they go on sale to grab these. I adore them!

1/ 2/ 3/ 4

My Auntie (Hi Auntie!) had a wicked cute table cloth on her kitchen table yesterday (kind of pictured below, featuring one cute almost four-year-old) which is another color palette I love. 
By the way Auntie, I think I'm coming over to take pictures of your house. Just so you know :-)

Another thing I have thought about, is just making your own runners. You can go into a fabric store and quickly sew up a runner on your own (also for a lot less) so I really need to learn how to use my sewing machine. That poor thing is just sitting in our basement. 

What are your thoughts about tablescapes? Do you care at all? Strangely obsessed like myself and my Auntie? Definitely take a look at my Pinterest board dedicated to tablescapes. There's only like, a million of them! 

Pregnancy so far

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Hola comrades! Been a while. Here's the reason why...

I have been so sick this entire pregnancy. Around week 13 (I think) I started to feel a bit better and only had slight nausea in the morning. Then, week 14 hit and I was thrown back into the midst of the toilet-bowl. I definitely don't have HG, I have only lost 7lbs and am able to hold down most liquids, but that doesn't mean this has been quite hard physically and emotionally. I started a nausea medication around week 10, but it is category B and I'm a stickler for what I put in my body while pregnant, so I'm just sucking it up and hoping it ends soon.

Of course this little critter is so worth it, I'm on my 17th week and we find out if its a boy or girl on the 20th of November (also our anniversary)
I have been feeling kicks since week 15 that are getting stronger and stronger by the day and my belly is showing a lot (especially after I eat haha) so that has been fun.

Upsides: feeling kicks, skin has cleared up, hair is super soft and rarely greasy

Downsides: stretch marks (on my yabos of all places, but thankfully they are white and should fade easily), still vomiting, no appetite, exhausted 24/7, crazy sciatica and back pain and fighting "a severe viral infection" in my lungs. Once again, I can't take anything for it besides Tylenol because the strong stuff to get rid of the infection is category C (which I'm not ok with, but i'm not judging others). So I'm just trucking along and hoping it ends soon because I am miserable and have no voice. Lucky Jon :-)

I haven't taken any proper belly shots (who knows if I's me we are talking about) but here are a few I posted on Insta-gram
14 weeks
 15 weeks
Have a good night!

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